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About Us

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

Kosher Coaster LLC is a humble, authentic Kosher Catering Company that offers National and International Cuisine & Event planning.


Kosher Coaster and it's team of dedicated partners have help raise the observance of Kashruth in the rural south.


Kosher Coaster LLC has proudly served and continues  proudly serving the catering needs of Valdosta, Ga, Tallahassee, Fl. and the surrounding areas since 2016. 


Through various platforms of communication and trustworthy partnerships of those who believe in our mission. It is our hope to stimulate more than your tastebuds.

We invite all who love to combine fun and the enjoyable ambiance of skillful culinary art to come and experience what Kosher Coaster LLC has to offer. 

Image by Ian Schneider

Our Story

Kosher Coaster LLC is a combination of  history, culture and all things delicious.  Our extensive menu is inspired by simple family life and  home cooking.  Over the years we've had our challenges and each year we worked diligently to give our customers the perfect dining experience. in 2019 we broke records in our area providing culinary cuisine using fresh, sustainable locally grown ingredients.  In 2020 amidst Covid-19 Kosher Coaster LLC was open for business and provided curbside pick-up Vegetarian cuisines.  In 2021 Kosher Coaster LLC worked with Synagogues, Churches & Masjids across the south providing Mediterranean Cuisines. In 2022 Kosher Coaster LLC published the first ever 100%  Vegan, Gluten-Free Kosher for Passover Cookbook. Now in 2023 we invite you to join us and dive right in, and let you tastebuds take a ride on the Kosher Coaster!


Choosing a Kosher Coaster diet has allowed me loose inches in my waist. My skin glows and my hair grows faster. Thanks,  Kosher Coaster

Tiffani Goldman, Cobb County, Ga.

Image by Mor Shani

No games, no gimmicks, Chef Catriel & the Kosher Coaster Family are the real deal. It is more than catering and meal plans over there. I'm healthier and more conscious of what I eat and feed to others and that's a great feeling.

Proud to be kosher, Jefferson County, AL. 

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