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Soft Matzah is the original form of unleavened bread that our forefathers and mothers ateKosher Coaster LLC does it's best to uphold that tradition. At the same time while consulting with many scholars of Halacha the conclusion is that this our matzah is Kasher for Pesach for both Sepharadim and Ashkenazim!  L'Haim together!

Kosher Coaster Soft Matzoth

  • What is Kosher Coaster Soft Matzoth?
    Our Soft Matzoth is the same Shmurah Matzoth that you buy online from different parts of the country.  It's unique becasue it is foldable not crunchy.
    Is Kosher Coaster Soft Matzah made from Shmura flour?
    Soft Matzoth is the same Shmura Matza flour that you buy at your local Matza Bakery.
    Is Kosher Coaster Soft Matza made in 18 minutes?
    Yes,  Our soft matza is made in less than 18 minutes from the second the water hits the first batch of flour.

    The time that it takes for an actual Kosher Coaster Matza to be made from start to finish varies, but usually is less than 3 minutes.
    Who can eat Kosher Coaster Soft Matza?
    Since  our soft matza is a little thicker than commercialized “crunchy” Matzoth, there are differing views. In general, people of Sephardic lineage have a minhag (tradition) to eat soft matzoth during Pesach. According to R’ Yosef Karo who is known as Maran pens in Shulhan Aruch that Matzah may be baked up to ‘1 Tefah’ or 3 to 4 inches.

    If you are not sure of your Minhag please consult a  local Posek.

     How many Matzot are in a pound?
    It is hard to generalize, but usually a Pound of Matzot will contain 3-4 Matzot. Each one may differ in weight and size, but there will always be 16oz. in a Lb. – meaning, a Pound will always contain 16 Kezetot when calculated by weight.
    Can Kosher Coaster Soft Matzoth be shipped to me?
    Yes, our product may be shipped anywhere in the USA. Overnight shipping is the prefered method. Our matzoth are frozen and in order to retain freshness, they need to remain frozen until use.

    All customers may submit your Fedex or any other Mailing account number when you order, so that shipping charges can be billed to your account directly.

    When will my order ship?
    We will ship orders as we bake Matzoth. We will contact you before we ship, to ensure that someone will be available to accept the package. ALL Kosher Coaster soft matzoth are shipped overnight. packages usually arrive the day after shipping.
    Where can I pick up my order?

    If you are in Tallahassee, FL. You may arrange to have you Matzoth dropped off at your home.

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