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Vegetarian Q & A part 1

Q- Is a vegetarian diet healthier diet?

A- Everyone's diet is different, and different diets work for different individuals.

However, there are documented numerous health benefits associated with maintaining vegetarian diets to consider. Ultimately, the choice is up to you whether you feel vegetarianism is right for you.

Q- Where do Vegetarians get their protein?

A- A common misconception is that vegetarian diets have an imbalance or that those who practice such diets are deficient in proteins, calcium, iron and another dietary needs for survival. It is also a common misconception that these elements cannot be obtained from non-animal sources.

Q- What level vegetarian are you?

A- In our modern day there are actually "levels" of vegetarianism, or types of vegetation diet, that depends on which food individuals choose not to eat. There are many different ways to approach vegetarianism, and it is up to you to make dietary choices that best fit your lifestyle. Consider your health and fitness goals or other needs when choosing. Remember whether you are simply becoming a vegetarian yourself, or simply trying to support your vegetarian friends or family. Eat well and be happy.


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